Yuln’yo by Ilchi Lee


by Ilchi Lee, from Healing Society: A prescription for Global Enlightenment The eternal Cosmic Order that governs all, this I call Yuln’yo. You cannot touch Yuln’yo, or smell it or see it. Yuln’yo is the essence of the order that has governed all life since the beginning, having itself no beginning or end. Yuln’yo is not some cold set of physical laws that dictates the interactions of matter, but a pulsating, warm consciousness that envelops and gathers all. Yuln’yo expresses itself through light, sound, and vibration that form the natural symphony of the cosmos. We can most immediately feel the power of Yuln’yo through our heartbeats, the steady and faithful pounding that started in the womb and is now echoing through the universe. This is the rhythm of life. Through this rhythm, we can join the everlasting harmony of the cosmos.

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