Meditation is a relaxation technique that can be practiced anywhere

While numerous studies have shown that meditation can provide stress relief as well as improved mental and physical health, many may still avoid the technique because they don’t have the time.

However, meditation expert and author Mark Boronson said that stressed individuals need not feel anxiety over the thought of learning a new practice, since the technique is relatively simple and can be done anywhere.

“When you realize that meditation really only takes a moment, you can meditate at work, at home, when you’re stuck in traffic, facing a crisis or just waiting in line. Meditation becomes part of life, not separate from life,” Boronson said.

Once individuals put some initial time and effort into learning how to tap into their brains, they can use the method to promote a higher state of well-being under any circumstance.

Ilchi Lee’s Brain Education techniques involve taking control over the mind in an effort to eliminate negativity and live in the moment – both which have been shown to reduce stress. When people are free from tension, they are better able to operate at their full human potential.

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