Nick Drake is perfect for learning meditation techniques

One of the meditation techniques for beginners that is sometimes recommended is listening to a piece of music as you meditate. Ideally, the practice of meditation involves completely clearing your mind of any and all distractions, and this includes music. However, for those just starting down the path of learning meditation techniques, a nice piece of music can help ease the proceedings.

That being said, it's important to choose music that won't be a distraction. It's safe to say that the heavy metal and hip hop genres are off-limits when it comes to meditation. A soft piece of music that plays in the background will not be intrusive while focusing.

The singer-songwriter Nick Drake is a perfect fit for this kind of practice. It's safe to say that Drake's quiet and somber music is not intrusive – so much so that Drake was barely noticed during his lifetime. It wasn't until after he died that Drake's albums, especially Bryter Layter and Pink Moon, found popularity.

Drake's music is characterized by his light guitar strumming and wispy, barely-there voice, which makes it perfect for meditation. As his melodies are not complex, some would characterize it as similar to poetry layered over a light soundtrack.

While all of Drake's work is easy to listen to, the album Pink Moon is probably the best for meditation, as it doesn't feature some of the more complex musical arrangements on his earlier albums. In fact, Drake reportedly recorded the album in just one night – there's very little production to distract from the music.

Listening to relaxing music such as this is also one of the good meditation techniques for anger and aggression. Music has been known to affect moods, so putting on a quieter piece of music when upset can have a calming influence and help you get into the meditating mood. 

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