Life purpose planning requires introspection


Many people underestimate the power of introspection when it comes to figuring out what they want in life. This is somewhat surprising, considering how much information people can gain about themselves if they take a minute to stop doing, and start being.

One such way to engage in introspection is through meditation techniques for concentration. This mind-body practice has been used for centuries as a way for people to gain focus, mental clarity and serenity, and it may also have physiological benefits.

To meditate, a person needs to do little more than sit in a comfortable position in a calm setting and attempt to slow their thought process. This may involve closing the eyes, listening to relaxing music or visualizing a peaceful location.

While the practice may not directly lead you to find your life purpose, it can trigger a positive sequence of events that may help guide planning and goal-setting.

Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee has written a number of books on how people can reach a higher state of being through meditation.

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