Meditation techniques for anger help individuals overcome stress

There are many things that drive people to anger. Maybe their temper is set off by a rude driver or maybe their children refuse to eat their vegetables. Life is made up of a series of frustrating circumstances that can put a person in an extremely bad mood. This is why meditation techniques for anger are so important.

Our thoughts have a tremendous power to influence the way we feel physically and emotionally. When you are filled with anger, you may have a difficult time finding your life purpose. Anger is consuming and soul devouring.

Many people are filled up with anger without ever realizing it. They go through their days suspicious of those around them and generally dissatisfied with life. However, it is possible for a person to change their outlook on the world and the people in their life.

Meditation techniques for anger represent a powerful method of focusing the mind and putting it toward more satisfying and fulfilling purposes. Rather than dwelling on perceived slights, a person able to enjoy the time they spend with their friends or family. By bringing the consciousness into the moment, meditation has the power to help individuals overcome the anger that has been building inside them throughout the day.

A person may have many things in their life that sets them off, but there is one surefire solution to these problems. Meditation techniques for anger can be a powerful tool in a person's fight against range and their pursuit of fulfillment. In a modern world full of stress-inducing situations, meditation is one of the most important outlets for people prone to anger.


Nick Drake is perfect for learning meditation techniques

One of the meditation techniques for beginners that is sometimes recommended is listening to a piece of music as you meditate. Ideally, the practice of meditation involves completely clearing your mind of any and all distractions, and this includes music. However, for those just starting down the path of learning meditation techniques, a nice piece of music can help ease the proceedings.

That being said, it's important to choose music that won't be a distraction. It's safe to say that the heavy metal and hip hop genres are off-limits when it comes to meditation. A soft piece of music that plays in the background will not be intrusive while focusing.

The singer-songwriter Nick Drake is a perfect fit for this kind of practice. It's safe to say that Drake's quiet and somber music is not intrusive – so much so that Drake was barely noticed during his lifetime. It wasn't until after he died that Drake's albums, especially Bryter Layter and Pink Moon, found popularity.

Drake's music is characterized by his light guitar strumming and wispy, barely-there voice, which makes it perfect for meditation. As his melodies are not complex, some would characterize it as similar to poetry layered over a light soundtrack.

While all of Drake's work is easy to listen to, the album Pink Moon is probably the best for meditation, as it doesn't feature some of the more complex musical arrangements on his earlier albums. In fact, Drake reportedly recorded the album in just one night – there's very little production to distract from the music.

Listening to relaxing music such as this is also one of the good meditation techniques for anger and aggression. Music has been known to affect moods, so putting on a quieter piece of music when upset can have a calming influence and help you get into the meditating mood. 

Meditation shown to relieve stress in children

Parents often take for granted the mental health of their children. However, this can lead many possible consequences, as untreated stress, anxiety and depression can interfere with the pursuit of a life dream. However, new findings suggest that meditation may help many children overcome these problems.

A group of researchers from Johns Hopkins University evaluated the effects of a 12-week meditation and yoga program on a group of fourth and fifth graders. According to the Baltimore Sun, they found that children who participated in the program were able to concentrate better in class and spent less time ruminating on negative thoughts, which can sometimes lead to depression.

The researchers said that their findings are particularly important for children who growing up in large cities, where there is a higher prevalence of stress and mental health issues.

“Living in an inner-city environment with high crime and high violence, there are just so many kids here who have chronic stress,” Tamar Mendelson, one of the lead researchers, told the news source.

The findings support Ilchi Lee’s teachings on meditation. He has said that it is one of the most effective paths to a clear mind and balanced connection between the spirit and body.

Meditation can make people more empathetic and reduce stress

The benefits of meditation may be far reaching. In addition to being an effective vehicle for achieving personal growth, it may also help practitioners improve their memory and sense of self while increasing empathy and limiting the effects of stress.

This is according to a team of researchers from Children's Hospital in Boston. They recently completed a study that showed that individuals who participate in an eight-week meditation course experience physical changes in certain areas of their brains.

"Although the practice of meditation is associated with a sense of peacefulness and physical relaxation, practitioners have long claimed that meditation also provides cognitive and psychological benefits that persist throughout the day," said Sara Lazar, who led the study.

The findings may indicate that practicing meditation can be important for individuals who are interested in unlocking their full brain potential. Another researcher said that the brain is extremely plastic, and that the study showed how meditation can lead to improvements in memory, sense of self and stress.

Ilchi Lee has said that practicing meditation is an important method of spiritual growth. The new findings help support this idea.